The Arc of King County - Helping Families Navigate Disability


“The Arc of King County advocates for the rights of children and adults with developmental disabilities to live, work, and play in the community - improving the quality of life for all of us.” Over 1,000 families connected with the Arc last year through information and referrals.


The Arc came to us wanting to make a video that showed the story of Marcus, Shayla, Noah, Israel, and how they have been able to use the resources of The Arc to improve and support their family.

Shayla and Marcus are the parents of Noah and Israel. Noah was diagnosed 20 days after birth with bilateral vocal chord paralysis which necessitated him having a tracheostomy, and Noah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Both of the boys are full of energy and love to play like all other kids. Shayla and Marcus face extra hardship having two children with special needs, though their positive attitudes hardly show it. They found The Arc a few years ago and since have taken advantage of their Parent to Parent program, education navigation tools, and advocacy opportunities.


The story we wanted to tell revolved around three main points: The personal journey of the family, the Parent to Parent program that The Arc offers, and the advocacy opportunities they encourage. We captured this through a mix of interview and b-roll footage in different locations.

While Shayla was an excellent story teller, the kids were perfect b-roll subjects. It was also important to film them together and show that they are a strong family unit in order to link that association to the Ark.

One fun and important aspect to our shooting plan was traveling to Olympia, WA with the family and filming them in the Capitol building to really get a sense of their commitment to advocacy because of The Arc.

The story we put together gives a very powerful sense of how The Arc of King Country is able to support families in need. Yet more important than just telling the story was that we become friends with Shayla, Marcus, Noah, and Israel, and it showed in the quality of shots we got with them.

This video premiered at The Arc’s annual Legacy Gala and received a standing ovation.