Children's Museum of Tacoma - Champions for Play


The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is a place where kids can be kids. Their education programs and exhibits have been hailed as a cornerstone for early learning and their mission serves to honor children and champion play.


CMT asked for our help to tell the story of their partnership with Mary Bridge Children’s hospital. CMT has created what they call “CMT Cares kits” that contain toys and games for kids experiencing sickness at Mary Bridge. The kits give kids a much needed break from the mundane life of hospital stay and help remind them that they can have fun and dream big no matter what circumstance they face.


To tell this story, we interviewed four key characters: Rowen (the star), Francine (Rowen’s mother), Jesse (Child Life Specialist at Mary Bridge), and Alyssa (CMT Learning Experiences Director) along with capturing b-roll at each location to give viewers a sense of who these people are and how they help to tell the story. Most importantly though, we told the story of Rowen and how he embodies the spirit of play that CMT strives to foster. In the end, we created a video that tells how two different organizations can come together to reach a common goal. In this case, to better the lives of our most important assets, our kids.